BEN GROSSCUP sings with heart and passion about a wide range of justice issues including, politics, the climate crisis, systemic racism, war, and economic inequality.


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"The Lesser Evil and the Greater Good" by Ben Grosscup

With so much disgust over the 2016 Presidential election, where can we find an ethical basis for participating in national politics today? I see great promise in the Green Party and the candidaticies of Jill Stein for President and Ajamu Barak for Vice President.


"This Changes Everything" by Ben Grosscup 

I got the inspiration to write this song after reading the book by Naomi Klein, by the same title. In 4min 30sec, this song connects the elements of the global crisis of capitalism: extraction, ecological degradation, war, displaced populations, while affirming a political commitment to solidarity and social reconstruction amidst the chaos this world order brings.


"No More Sacrifice Zones" by Ben Grosscup

This song is about the sacrifice zones being created in specific parts of the world -- from Indian Country to the streets of Ferguson, MO -- so that the rich can accumulate wealth at the expense of the disposessed. As these individual locations get added up, they make one big global sacrifice zone.


"Love Me, I'm a Liberal" Written by Phil Ochs with historical update written by Ben Grosscup

I like to use sardonic humor to address politics. Phil Ochs was a master of this. I took his 1965 song about the hypocrisy among some of the liberal thinkers of his own day and I updated it for our times. 


"The Foxes' Fund for Henhouse Relief" by Al Bradbury

This could really be about any disaster, but I think this barnyard allegory helps us think about the kinds of disasters we're witnessing.


"Four Years of College" AParody by Ben Grosscup based on "Sixteen Tons"

Student debt today means submitting a whole generation to debt bondage to a ruthless corporate class, which cares nothing for the health of the society or the economic prospects for young people. 


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