BEN GROSSCUP uses the power of song to amplify and accentuate the ideas and values of the transformative social movements he is part of. His songs make no apology for their biting critique of current events. Based in Western Massachusetts, he plays at rallies, conferences, coffee houses and house concerts, and he is working on his debut CD release.


He serves as the executive director of People’s Music Network,  a diverse community of singers, artists, activists and allies that cultivates music and cultural work as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.


His music aims to inject a heightened sense of political imagination into today’s movements. The imaginative space of today’s neoliberal America has been under occupation from forces committed to the ideological delusions of capitalism. Ben is one artist among a broader movement who challenges such orthodoxies.


His music supports people in developing the imaginative horizon of freedom, sparking the desire for a good society that could meaningfully address the catastrophes unfolding throughout our world. That process begins with an honest reckoning with climate chaos, racism, war, and economic inequality, and it finds its highest expression in the self-confidence and self-respect of a people who stands up to define its own destiny as rational and ethical beings. This process of transformation animates the radical imagination, and it comes alive when Ben takes the stage.

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